Today 85% of consumers say that they are more likely to sign up or make a purchase after watching a video.(Video Rascal) They want to get to know you, and have confidence in your expertise. Brand yourself as the expert in your field with a video series showcasing your knowledge and watch your customer base grow. A combination of these videos or a weekly series is the best way to make use of online video. Here are some ideas..

Types of Videos

Customer Review  
Who would promote your better than your happiest customer? A short interview with a customer shows potential clients how great it is to work with you. These videos are great for building trust with new audiences. See an example here

Business Profile Video
When people know more about you they will want to do business with you over someone else. Why? Because people like familiar things, and love a good story. We tell the story of your business and your passion in a business profile video. These are great for the first page of your website. See an example here

Instructional videos
People are learning online more than ever, and showing your talent and expertise is a great way to draw people to your business. If you are real estate agent tell people how to pick the right neighborhood, if you are a Med Spa talk about skin creams to match your complexion. See an example here

Thought Leadership Videos
This might be an interview with the CEO about their business philosophy, or their ideas on the state of the market. Thought leadership videos show that you are the expert in your industry, you are the one to turn to for quality information. See an example here

Other videos - company culture, music videos, silly ads, television commericals, short films, documentaries - we can do it - let's rock.